Welcome to your first step toward becoming a Software Developer

The tech industry has a huge effect on our lives, from how we talk to each other to how we learn. With software, we are able to instruct machines to carry out complex but tedious tasks, connect us socially across the globe, deliver rich media experiences, and discover solutions to the problems that plague our society. While software is powerful, the very characteristics that make it so helpful can make it enormously difficult to produce. There is significant work that goes on "behind the scenes", which is not readily apparent to you as the user.

The “Your First Steps” course is a very basic introduction to the realm of web development and is supposed to provide you some fundamental skills and a foundation to build upon, should you choose to embark on a path that will lead you a new career in this exciting industry.

This course is supposed to be completed before or right after you meet with a representative of Craft Academy for an interview. Do not stress through the materials, but do not take this lightly. The submissions we ask you to do in this short training will be evaluated and become part of the overall assessment we do to see if you are a good fit for Craft Academy. We simply want to see that you have the capacity to learn to code.