Pair Programming

Pair Programming is a software development technique in which two programmers work together on one feature or problem set - often at one workstation. Used as part of a general teamwork approach it leads to improved code quality, team communication, knowledge share and huge learning gains. Pair Programming can be done both on-site as well as remotely.



One of the most important things being a developer is the ability to unblock yourself. Follow the steps of the flow beneath before asking a coach.

  • If you have any questions or you are blocked, try putting the message into your course channel on Slack. Maybe one of your fellow students has solved this problem before and is able to help.
  • Try to google it, even a senior developer needs to google answers sometimes.
  • There is a lot of help on the internet for developers, Stackoverflow & Craftoverflow
  • The coaches won't help unless the problem has been formulated into a question and posted in your Slack channel. We want to teach you how to ask the right questions, which is one of the fundamentals of being a developer.