How to use Screencasts

In order to make your learning experience optimal, we've included a special way to present you with coding examples. Scrimba is a tool that allows us to present code examples in a way that allows you, the learner, to interact with it.

We will be using Scrimba screencasts extensively during this course and it's important that you get to know this tool before you continue with the course.

Play mode By just pressing play you can look at the screencast like any other video.

Interacting Press pause every time you want to interact with the screencast. You can then test out writing code in the text editor as much as you like, when you press play again the code will revert back to the educator's code.

To see what your code does for you - go to the mini-browser and click refresh. The mini browser works like Google Chrome.

Notes:  Whenever you start playing around with the code a note will be created for you. So when you press play again and your code disappears you can always go to your notes to see what you have done.

Settings Gear icon down left - control player. Adjust the speed of recording.

Gear icon top right - project settings. Add files, dependencies, download as .zip, clone workspace.

Mini browser: The mini browser works exactly like a chrome browser. You can make it larger with the green button, smaller with the yellow and disappear with the red. To see the code you added just refresh the browser.