Student Letter

Dear Craft Academy Student

Big congratulations for joining the course. We really look forward to helping you find your way as a developer. You will learn a lot, make new friends, be challenged and engaged - your life will be turned upside down. A smart move.

This guide is for you to let you know what we expect of you during your three months at Craft Academy - and what to expect of yourself. We will also share with you some thoughts about who we are, how we work and what you can expect from us in return.

Please read this document carefully to ensure that you understand what you are getting yourself into and what mindset we want you to take with you when you step through our doors.

Craft Academy was founded to help people get to a level of employability in web development. We do not work in education for education's sake. We work on training you to able to go out and get a well-paying job as a junior developer and build projects in the real world.


Our course is unique, not only in intensity but also in approach.

Your experience at the Craft Academy will be very different from all the years you have spent in the 'traditional' education: school, high school or university. We will provide you with a structured daily curriculum, projects, exercises and weekend challenges, but you are expected to chase after knowledge and experience on your own at times.


We believe that traditional education teaches people to pass tests rather than learning. It is just as important that you are here to learn as it is that we are here to teach you.

We will not review your code as if it were homework; we will be here to show and guide you to improve, and your fellow students and seniors will help you learn things as much as your instructors.


We have no magic wand that can make you a developer. Along with a positive attitude, hard work is what will make the difference between success and failure.

You will learn to adapt to changes in the course and planning when technology is changing rapidly, just like our content and our curriculum. You will learn to be proactive and make sure that you ask for help when you need it. You will learn how to pair-program with teammates, not only to learn a useful skill, but also to develop your ability to communicate about the code that is being written, and to help your partner to learn.

Instead of being 'taught' you will teach yourself. Success for us as a company means that you achieve your personal goals and become as attractive to potential employers as possible. The success achieved by your efforts can only be measured by an employer who is willing to pay you for your skills. Only Craft Academy and you will know if you have succeeded.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee you a job. None of us knows what will happen during the 12 weeks. You may love or hate the software. When it comes down to it, your chances of getting a job are based on your efforts and how far you can get in 12 weeks - so make the most out of it.


Most businesses do not have an open communication policy and do not allow anyone to know other people's actions.

Craft Academy team has a policy of extreme openness. It is not always nice, but it is certainly effective. If we talk about another staff members, then they should be included in the conversation. If we are concerned about why something is done, then it is our job to bring it up and question it. No one is above being questioned. No one is too inexperienced or new to challenge anyone in their reasoning or actions.

We do it.

The whole team will take note of your feedback and we sit regularly with students individually to talk face to face. Every two weeks we will hold a group meeting to discuss how the course is going and what improvements can be made to have a more successful bootcamp. Your feedback is mandatory – everyone needs to have an opinion in their own success and learning.

The most important thing is that we trust that if you have any problems with the course, you will know that it is your responsibility to share it with us. Then it's up to us to listen to your opinions and give you answers. Good Luck!