Student Handbook


We strive for the bootcamp experience to be as fun and as productive as possible so that you can jump-start your career as a junior developer. Craft Academy, therefore, considers it of the utmost importance that you, during your studies, maintain a professional attitude towards your studies, fellow students, coaches and other staff at Craft Academy.

As a student at Craft Academy, you need to agree to uphold the following values:

  • You consider all people to be of equal value. All students and staff at Craft Academy have the same rights, opportunities and obligations, regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • Equal treatment at Craft Academy implies a respectful and inclusive work and study environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and offensive behavior. You, like every student and employee, have a responsibility to treat others with respect in all meetings and to promote a secure and prejudice-free study and work environment.
  • You will always lead by example and maintain a professional approach to all meetings and in all your communication. You will treat all students, staff and other partners with respect and consideration, irrespective of their social background, sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • You are aware that discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and victimisation as well as any contravention of Craft Academy’s core values and guidelines, may be grounds for leaving the camp.


We at Craft Academy strive to have a transparent atmosphere where everyone can voice their thoughts and opinions and we also make sure to take any feedback to heart in order to improve our course delivery. The best place to do so is through your weekly SALP response or during our camp retros where students and staff come together on a biweekly basis and discuss how to improve the bootcamp experience. There are however issues that we the coaches need to hear immediately. This could be a complaint against other students, coaches or the course delivery itself. In those cases, you need to contact a coach as soon as possible and the coaching team will promptly set up a meeting where you and two members of the coaching team will take part.


Any property of Craft Academy that you will use or borrow during the bootcamp is to be handled with care by the students. This includes monitors, computers, cords and so on. Any damages done to the equipment or property by the student is to be replaced or reimbursed by the student as soon as possible, but at the latest before the end of the bootcamp.


Plagiarism or cheating constitutes in immediate failure of the assignment in question. Deliberate or sustained violations will result in automatic failure of the course and could result in a student being removed from the camp and services without refund. Craft Academy reserves the right to audit any and all student work for potential cheating and require additional proctoring/monitoring of students whose accounts have been flagged for suspicious behavior. If you use resources from books and websites such as GitHub or StackOverflow make sure that you give proper attribution and cite your sources in your repo README.


Everyone gets sick once in a while. If you get ill during the course of the bootcamp please contact or send a message to a coach as soon as possible. If you get sick for a longer period of time (more than two days) or have a pre-existing medical condition that requires Craft Academy to adjust the course delivery for your personal circumstances, then a medical certificate is required. Please note that we try to accommodate all students as much as possible. But with regards to the intensity of the bootcamp that is not always possible.


The staff of Craft Academy enjoys supporting the students in solving coding problems or explain technical concepts. However, support will only be given during our working hours or our office hours during some evenings. Please do not contact the staff when they are off duty as they also need their beauty sleep and R&R.


We implore students that have personal issues (like family and relationship problems) to seek help outside the Craft Academy organisation as we do not have the proper training to handle these issues. But if you feel that these issues have a direct impact on your ability to complete the bootcamp then we will set up a meeting where two staff members of Craft Academy will take part.


Craft Academy uses a specific unblocking flow. This means that the student needs to take certain actions before asking a coach for help. The purpose of the support flow is to make you an independent developer and structured problem solver. The coaches will not offer support if the unblocking flow has not been followed.


  • Check syntax and naming
  • Use Pry for debugging
  • Make sure that you are in the right folder/project
  • Go through the scenario, feature or unit specs again make sure they are correct
  • Cross check it with the story, make sure that you are in scope
  • Google the error message displayed in the terminal or console
  • Ask fellow students in the cohort slack channel
  • Read the course documentation if there are any steps missing or overlooked
  • Read through official documentation for the gem/framework
  • Rephrase the question and google the problem, take special note on StackOverflow (check the date of the answers)
  • Write a CraftOverflow issue using the template (this is preferred over asking on Slack)
  • Ask first line of support Coach

Support will not be given if:

  • You don't go through the unblocking flow
  • The implementation is developed solo (no Pair Programming)
  • There are no tests (unless the learner specifically communicates she/he is working on a Spike)


The bootcamp experience is very intense. To successfully complete the bootcamp we require you to study and work on the assignments on a full-time basis but also during evenings and weekends. You need to coordinate and work together with your pairing partner and teammates. Due to the intense demands of the bootcamp, it is not possible to have outside projects during the bootcamp. This means that part-time jobs or running a side business during the bootcamp is strongly advised against. The free time during the bootcamp is best spent for rest and recreation in order to be fresh and alert for the daily workload.


The course documentation is for your personal use both during and after the bootcamp. But you can not reproduce, store in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission by Craft Academy.


We expect you to be prepared for the daily workload on a daily basis. That means that you need to be prepared in all of our session which includes, demos, retros, daily stand-ups, and talks. This also means that when we ask you to do assignments that they need to be completed at the designated time. We electronically track all progress during the bootcamp in order to monitor your progress.


It is of the utmost importance that you respect your fellow students and staff at Craft Academy. This means that you avoid talking loudly in the office when others are working. Avoid interrupting when some are coding, talking or generally studying. A good hint is when someone is wearing headphones than that person is currently working and does not want to be interrupted.

We also have students that work remotely. Working remotely is harder than working on site and this requires special consideration from students working at one of our offices. Make sure that you always keep the remote student in the loop by posting your questions and/or share information both orally and through a slack message and include the remote students in all talks by making sure that they can hear and also participate in all talks. If you have to leave your computer for a shorter while make sure that the remote students know that you are away from the computer and how long you will be away. This will create a better work environment for all students.


We use a lot of communication tools at Craft Academy. This could be confusing at times. But all our tolls have specific purposes. Here is an outline of the most commonly used and how they are supposed to be used.


This is our main channel of information. We give information on when demos or talks will be held, share information about code, give instructions and so on. It is very important that when a coach leaves information in slack that you give a written confirmation that you have read the message. The easiest way is to leave a thumbs up emoji that you have read the message. If there are any questions about the message please ask it in a thread. We have different channels on slack for different purposes.


Information that addresses all staff and current and past students.


Information that addresses your specific cohort.


Interesting information not directly code related will go to out to the entire Craft Academy organisation, both staff, current and past students.


Direct messages between students and to coaches should be avoided as much as possible. The reason for this is that we would like to avoid the same questions being asked from different students, when one student can ask the question and posts it in the camp channel, we would then have an question and an answer that is searchable through slack. But with private messages this is not a possibility. Using the camp channel would also give us an opportunity to give hints and suggestions as we monitor all questions and discussions in the camp channel.


SALP stands for Self Assessment and Learning Plan. This is a great way for you to monitor your own progress and this is also a good way to give feedback on the course on a weekly basis. To write SALPs is mandatory for all students and the SALP is released at the end of every week.


Craft Overflow is Craft Academy’s answer to Stack Overflow. This is a great place to write questions in the form of issues. Writing good questions is directly correlated with getting good and precise answers. Craft Overflow is also a good place to find questions and answers that previous students have asked during their time of the bootcamp.

The rule of thumb is: Write questions in the appropriate channel, write answers in the same channel that the question has been asked. Be active!


Craft Academy strives to be a transparent and open organization. This means that we have a direct approach to solve problems but also a direct approach to give and receive feedback. We are probably more direct than what you are used to. But don’t be alarmed all conversations are always respectful and never personal. We comment and address your code and work, never your personality.


Both students and coaches work closely and for long hours during the bootcamp. It is natural for friendly relationships to form. But in the end, it is important that all of us have a good professional relationship in order to avoid any conflict of interest.


The main focus of Craft Academy is to make the students' job ready. This means that we will have talks, demos, and discussions that are not coding related. It is vital that take an active part in all the discussions regardless of their nature. There are many skills apart from coding that a junior web developer needs to master in order to become productive. This could be presentation skills, time management, project management, agile processes, or team management. To get out the most from the bootcamp: Take part, be proactive and have fun!